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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

This Is Why I Never Get Anything Done

I'm fairly certain that there is an app for my phone that will let me record notes for myself.  I would find this app tremendously useful since I am constantly thinking about things that I could write up into a relatively easy blog post, if only I could keep it in my brain for longer than a few seconds.  By the time I actually get to my computer at the end of the day, I haven't the faintest idea of what it was I thought would be so droll to write about earlier.
So I'd like to get this app, should it exist.  I've been thinking about looking for it, which wouldn't take long to do, except that I usually don't remember to even look for it while I have my phone with me.  Unless I'm in my car.  Driving.  Then I think of all the great things I could be doing with my phone at that moment if I weren't so inconveniently distracted by navigating a 1,000 lb vehicle through heavy traffic at high speeds.
Times like right now, when it's very quiet (the kids are at daycare) and I have nothing else pressing to do (except all the things I was planning to get done over Spring Break which I have yet to get started on) would be perfect for finding this app on my phone.  Except that I don't have my phone with me.  I never remember to keep my phone with me after I walk in the door.  I leave it in my purse, or on the counter or even in the car and just forget about it entirely until I am sitting down and want it again.  But I'm sitting now, see?  If I get up again to get the phone then I'm liable to see the gargantuan mess in the kitchen, and remember the pile of laundry sitting in the living room.  While I'm taking care of those chores, I'll walk through gunk on my floor (my floor is always messy.  Always.) and decide it needs to be mopped.  But before it can be mopped it has to be swept first, and when I go to get the broom I'll realize what a mess the laundry room is because we store the play-doh in there, and the kids were tasked with putting it away yesterday.  Which means that there are 3, 478,621 little play-doh related toys strewn about my laundry room, making it difficult to do anything else in there.  By the time all of that is cleaned up, I'll remember to put in another load of actual laundry, and see that there's a huge stack of ironing to do if I ever want to wear any of my dress shirts again.
Except that the good ironing board is upstairs so I'll carry the big pile up, and turn on the tv so I can watch something while I'm ironing.  This is not effective since we only get 4 channels on the upstairs tv since they switched over to digital signal or whatever.  They sent us some notice a year ago about getting a free box.  I asked J to take care of it, figuring this fit under the heading of "All Things Technological" and was thus his job.  He classified it under "All Things Having to do With Household-Related Nuisances" and reassigned it to me, thus we have a fairly useless tv in our bedroom.  All that aside, being upstairs reminds me that DD's bed isn't made up since she wet it last night, and I still have laundry to put away from the last iteration of laundry.  All the while, I'll be thinking of clever and interesting things to write in a blog post, but forgetting all of them because I don't have the app that records me.  I won't even have my phone with me.
You see how it goes.  It's the grownup version of "You Give a Mouse a Cookie."
By the time I'm done with getting everything and nothing really done, it'll be time to go somewhere and I'll get into the car, whereupon I will discover my phone.  But I won't have time to do anything with it because I need to be driving.
Many of the things in my life are like this.  Calling handymen, hiring local kids to do yardwork, all of the little tasky things that pile up in a household.  By the time my brain settles enough after a day to think about all of them...it's 10:30 a night and too late to call anyone.
And even if it weren't, wherever I'd be, I still wouldn't have my phone.