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Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'd have gone to bed an hour ago, but the 2 year old needed to tell me something

It's been a busy coupla days.  I've started a post that is an answer to a question from NPR about parenting, but I haven't finished it yet as I've been busy, um, parenting.  It is now midnight and we just got DD into bed, hopefully, finally(?) for the last time about 20 minutes ago.

I do not have enough brain power at midnight to write something eloquent and erudite to send to NPR.  When re-reading the draft I am less than impressed with the quality of my own writing.  I suppose that's to be expected as I wrote it with a very tired brain, very late in the day.  Like now.

It's summertime now, and I'm far less busy than usual.  I know there are people who manage to hold down full time jobs, parent their children to be National Merit Scholars, keep a clean house, stay fit and write the Great American Novel while getting their 3rd Master's Degree.  I, apparently, am not ever destined to be one of those people.

I do notice, though, that after a long day of doing not much but lying around, my cats have wisely called it day and have gone to sleep.  They are wise, I think, these cats, and I will follow their example.

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