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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Baby monitors

Wow.  Two days without writing.  I guess this means that if I tell my students to write everyday, I should give them a pass on weekends.

Today's thought comes from a discussion we had last night about baby monitors.   They don't work well over a distance, like from the back bedroom to the dock to watch the fireworks last night, especially if you're relying on the batteries in the receiver.  All you'll receive is static.  What does work well is cell phones with free minutes between them.  Place a call, then leave one phone, speakerphone on, in the baby's room, and the other phone, speakerphone and mute on, with Mom/Dad and voilá!  Baby monitor with no static, regardless of the distance.  Of course, you do have to watch for dropped calls.  Especially with <ahem> certain providers.

(Note to any nosy nebbishes who might be thinking of calling child services under the misguided perception that we use this in lieu of babysitters when we go out for an evening: the "distance" I'm talking about here is something like 100 feet.  So go find someone else to pester about child safety.  Or better yet, read some Lenore Skenazy and get a grip.)

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  1. I haven't been able to look at baby monitors the same way after Signs. Now I find them slightly creepy. And the boy was monitor age when we Netflixed it, so I had the monitor next to me for the whole movie.