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Monday, June 27, 2011

nothing much

Some days, like yesterday, there's just no down time for writing anything of worth.  Even though it was beautiful out, yesterday was pretty much devoted to sleeping at our house.  The kids had been low on sleep for several days and took marathon naps in the afternoon.  J had been at Origins for three days straight and took a long nap, too.  I'm taking some new medication that the doc said might might have the side effect of giving me more energy.  If she meant humming like a live, ungrounded electric wire, then she was right.  I feel like my skin should be glowing iridescently like some Star Trek alien in gold make up, and I should have the power to charge my electronics just by holding them in my hands.  This, unfortunately, is not true, but it is a strange feeling.
This drug also makes me not sleep.  For two nights now I've just sort of laid in bed and felt my brain humming.  You know that sound that florescent lights make when they need to be changed?  I feel like that sound.  I have to say that whatever benefits this new med is supposed to be conveying are not outweighing the side effects at the moment, so we'll see.
At any rate, I didn't sleep.  I made dinner.  Then cleaned the kitchen and then dithered about because my brain, though full of energy, is so unfocused that I'm not able to concentrate on anything other than rote activities for very long.
We took the kids for mini-golf, which we had never done, and J wisely went for the 9-hole kid course.  I wanted the 18 holes.  I love mini-golf.  I let J make the decision, though, because I'm rather fuzzy headed at the moment and not making good decisions.  (Just ask J about the barbecued ribs on the sidewalk outside of Origins incident.  I was clearly insane.)
So we played 9 holes, which, as it turns out, was still about 4 too many.  DD played by throwing her ball towards the hole each time it was her turn to putt.  The end result was scores that were somewhat competitive, but I have to say she had a tendency to just walk up to the hole after the 2nd or 3rd throw and just drop the ball in.  DS tried to putt, but eventually took on DD's method.  They were both done after about 5 holes, but we made it through all nine with a fair amount of cajoling and a promise to play some of the video games inside if they would just get off the green while Daddy is putting for crying out loud.
We played a couple rounds of skee ball inside (I love skee ball, too.) got some prizes with the tickets we won, and headed home.
Not bad for our first time, especially what with me shooting sparks out of my fingers and all.
By the time we got home, it was realllly late, and once we got hyped-up, overtired children washed and into bed it was realllllyyyy later, so there was no writing yesterday.

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  1. OK, now you have to tell the story about ribs on the sidewalk...