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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still not feeling it

Honestly, I think I would be better at this if I could just dictate my thoughts into the air and have them recorded for me, like the computer on Star Trek.  I love that computer.  I know that there have been a million nitpickers complaining: "How could the computer would actually know when it's being talked to and when it's not?" but I don't care.  I want a computer that can tease that out for me.  I want my technology to be that user-friendly.  So intuitive that it intuits what I want and just does it for me.  Like putting in all the little italics where I want to show emphasis, rather than me having to go back and highlight all those little parts I what emphasized.
I want this to be more than just a chronicle of what-I-did-today.  It should be thoughts on deeper things and the meaning of life, but I'm just not feeling it.  I'm still trying to get the hang of full-time mommying, and that includes, in my mind, being able to keep the house clean at the same time, and get all the "big projects" done like cleaning out the garage, sorting out all the stuff for Goodwill, organizing and cleaning out all the shelves and spare room, calling fixit people to come fix all the things that are broken, getting estimates for all the things we'd like to improve and so forth and so on.  That, and getting to the gym every day.  Seriously, every day.  I tell myself there's no reason not to do this - -they have childcare!  It's a couple hours to myself!  I love the feeling of having exercised! -- but I have failed to do this so far.  There's always something else to do with those two hours, and usually it involves me sleeping or cleaning the kitchen.
So, I don't have the hang of this yet.  I don't even have the hang of putting nifty little pictures on the blog and such.  I know it's really intuitive and everybody else figures it out in seconds, but until it has Majel Barrett answering the questions I pose out loud, it's going to take me awhile.

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  1. You are a good writer, though you claim it rather modestly. Congratulations of beginning a new thing!