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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good Thing I Wrote It Down Somewhere

I just finished using a Facebook app to create "My Year In Statuses," which I do ever year because, well, because other people do and it's fun to look back at a year's worth of posts and say "Oh yeah, that happened!  I forgot about that."
My favorite ones are about the kids (surprise) and in particular about the goofy things they say like DS yelling "Watch out, DD!  I'm going to do some speed!" as he careened around a corner to dive into a pile of cushions.  Or when DD told  J that I had said she could watch a show.
James:  Are you sure mommy said that?
 Phia:  yes.
James:  Are you really sure?
 Phia:  Yes.
James:  Should I go ask Mommy about it?
 Phia:  No.  Don't ask Mommy.

The best one, though, is my observation that DD said "Umbelella" for "Umbrella," and it was so endearing, and I would miss it when it was gone.  That was back in January.  I knew there was something really cute that she said and couldn't recall what it was until I re-read it tonight.

She doesn't say it anymore.  She just says "Umbrella."

And I do miss it.

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