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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sometimes the wine and thou aren't enough

I've been working for a couple days on what is supposed to be a funny little bit about being one of "those parents" who can't get home-school communication right.  It isn't turning out and I think I need to try working on it some time when I'm not done with thinking for the day.

So instead I'll just say that the house smells fantastic right now because I'm baking little individual pizza crusts for DD's birthday party on Sunday.  I was going to buy the already-made ones from the store that kinda look like cardboard (my kids wouldn't care, honestly) but I couldn't find them in my mad 15-minute-have-to-get-the-kids-by-six dash through the grocery the other day.

So I'm making homemade ones.

I was going to double the recipe but I could only find a single packet of yeast, and that was from a gluten-free box mix that I wound up not using because I used the gf flour within for something else.

Which means I haven't bought yeast in a really, really long time.

I used to buy it as a staple.  I baked all sorts of things.  Focaccia.  Sweet rolls.  Grain breads.  Cakes and pies and cookies which don't require yeast but do require lots of flour.

Now I don't.

This is unarguably healthier, and is probably a primary reason I've been able to maintain a healthy-ish weight for the past couple years.  But when the house smells like this it is all I can do to not grab a warm crust, cover it in butter and and garlic salt and tear off great chunks to eat with marinara.

Sometimes, I just miss bread.

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  1. When I read the last line the first time, I thought it said "eat with marijuana"